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Note: This list is cross-posted here.  I originally posted it on Amazon.

I did my Master’s paper on William Gibson’s cyberpunk work and it is still one of my favorite genres.  These are books I love.  My top five from this list are Neuromancer, Hardwired, Snow Crash, Thirteen and Altered Carbon.  As I’ve read more about innocent people being killed by drone strikes, I’ve begun to increasingly appreciate the movie, The Sleep Dealer.

1)  Neuromancer, by William Gibson.  This is one of the seminal works of the genre.

2)  Count Zero, by William Gibson.  The sequel to Neuromancer.

3)  Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson.  The final book in the Neuromancer trilogy.

4)  Burning Chrome, by William Gibson.  An uneven collection of short stories.  The best of the collection: Burning Chrome, Johnny Mnemonic, New Rose Hotel and Dogfight, are as good as Neuromancer.  Johnny Mnemonic and New Rose Hotel have both been made into films.  I have not included these in this list because they are not among my favorites.

5) Hardwired, by Walter Von Williams.  This is excellent cyberpunk.  The descriptions of the world are rich enough to step into but the story doesn’t get bogged down in descriptions.

6)  Voice of the Whirlwind, by Walter Von Williams.  Set about 100 years in the future of the same world as Hardwired but not as good as Hardwired.

7)  Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.  Snow Crash is full of bright ideas, biting satire and has a fascinating story.  If it had been pared down by a good editor, it would have been even better.

8)  Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan.  Excellent, thought provoking cyberpunk in a world where organic death has little meaning.

9)  Broken Angels, by Richard K. Morgan.  Sequel to Altered Carbon.  The problem with Broken Angels, in my opinion, is that it’s just too violent.  It just seems like it’s one fight after another…

10)  Woken Furies: A Takeshi Kovacs Novel, by Richard K. Morgan.  The last book in the Altered Carbon trilogy.  Interesting but again too violent.  Sometimes it seems like everything besides the violence is just being used as filler to get to the next fight.  The title is apt.

11)  Thirteen, by Richard K. Morgan.  Months ago I read this book and keep thinking about it.  The main character is a genetically/mechanically altered person.  He’s potentially very aggressive but is also one of the novel’s most human/empathetic characters.  The book deals with what it means to be human and explores death.  For me, in terms of favorites by Morgan, this is a close second to Altered Carbon.

12)  The Sleep Dealer, a movie by Luis Fernando Pena.  This thought provoking film imagines a near future when workers can operate robots remotely.  Much of the work done in the U.S. is done by machines operated by low paid workers in other countries…  It’s fascinating.


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