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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is, in my opinion, a good but not exceptional crime thriller novel.  Set in Sweden, the main characters, a journalist and a hacker, work to uncover a twisted family history and a corrupt financial empire.  The novel  is an international best seller and is part of the Millennium Trilogy.

Originally published in Swedish, in 2005, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo won the 2006 Glass Key award for best crime novel of the year and the 2008 Boeke Prize.  The Millennium Trilogy has also been adapted into a trilogy of films.


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Elmore Leonards When the women cover

The settings for this collection of nine short stories varies widely spanning from the late 1800’s to the 1990’s, from     the desert to cityscapes.  The majority of the stories are crime fiction but there is one piece of historical fiction and another Western, The Tonto Woman, which was adapted into a fine short film.  The writing is consistently good, especially the dialogs and the characters generally have complex motivations for their actions.  This is highly entertaining fiction.

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