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I just read Timothy Egan’s beautiful article, My Summer Home, in which Egan describes growing up knowing that some other families had summer homes but that his family had one home.  At the age of 18, a road trip to explore the country brought him to understand that we all owned vast public lands “–lake, mountain and forest, meadow, desert and shore.”  For Egan, the land itself became his summer home.

Reading Egan I cannot help but reflect on why I became a librarian: at their best, libraries are owned collectively and just as public lands make a great resource available to all of us, libraries offer the gleanings of our minds to everyone.  Anyone can walk into a library and explore almost anything produced by human minds, from the works of Shakespeare to the recordings of Mariah Carey and programs for people of all ages.

When someone enters a library, regardless of the patron’s available personal resources, the patron has the same wealth of resources as any other patron or even any monarch.  This is the beauty of the libraries.


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